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KLINGER Kempchen Corrugated Metal Gaskets

Corrugated gaskets are universally applicable sealing elements and often an alternative to kammprofile and spiral wound gaskets in standard Class 150 and Class 300 piping flanges. They can also be used in custom designed heat exchanger or pressure vessel girth flanges. Use in applications where temperature limits exceed the capability of compressed fiber gasket materials.

Properties of KLINGER Kempchen W1A-3/F1 Corrugated Metal Gaskets

For standard piping flanges, a portion of the gasket, outside of the flange raised face is not corrugated as it acts only as a centering ring. A metallic cleat or eyelet is applied to the inner edge of the gasket to prevent direct contact between the internal media and the gasket facing material. The eyelet also improves the leak tightness characteristics of these gaskets.