Developed for oil, natural gas, manufacturing, chemical, and even for residential uses
Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves regulate or isolate the flow of a liquid medium by means of a rotatable disk. They are characterized by their quick operation.

KLINGER KLINGER butterfly valve is mainly used in energy and chemical industry, shipbuilding, food and medicine, pulp&paper, water treatment and steam industries.

Westad Cryo. butterfly valve has been offered to LNG market for nearly 130 years.

With the help of KLINGER famous sealing technology , from -196℃ to 425℃, from liquid, gas and powder, to strong acid and alkali medium, can achieve zero leakage.

In 1968, KLINGER developed graphite laminate material in Austria, and has the earliest patent of flexible graphite lamination technology, US3404061. It is an important impact on the sealing design principle of eccentric butterfly valve.

The KLINGER KGS high strength rubber-metal composite gasket, optimized cross-sectional profile, and specific recipe of rubber and steel, help rubber seal of butterfly valve, being able to withstand extremely high loads in tough applications.

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