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The KLINGER Group story

The history of KLINGER

Discover the history of KLINGER: Your industry partner for the leakage-free transport of liquids & gas since 1886

As the son of a building constructor, Richard Klinger loved technological progress and engineering: as a boy, he was already a tinkerer, going on to study Mechanical Engineering in Vienna. In 1886, he founded a workshop, thus laying the foundation for the Klinger family's industrial activities. Today, more than 130 years later, KLINGER is represented by 45 operating companies in over 60 countries worldwide.

Throughout all five generations, the members of the family have been committed above all to the development and future of the company.

1886 – 1928

History of the KLINGER Group - 1886 to 1928
  • 1886: The young engineer Richard Klinger opens a small engineering workshop in Vienna.
  • 1891: Richard Klinger invents the reflex level gauge.
  • 1893: The plant in Gumpoldskirchen is put into operation.
  • 1898: Creation of Klingerit, the revolutionary calendared compressed fiber gasket material.
  • 1922: KLINGER manufactures the first valve with an elastic, replaceable sealing system for the high temperature range. With the KLINGER piston valve, the standard industrial valve was invented.

1928 – 1957

History of the KLINGER Group - 1928 to 1957
  • Karl Klinger takes over the business.
  • 1924-1931: Further development of the sealing segment: the cylinder-head gasket "Klingerit 1000", the alkaline gasket "Acidit", and the oil-resistant gasket "Oilit".
  • 1928: The development of seals for internal combustion engines opens up a new market segment - the production of brake pads.
  • With the beginning of World War II, the KLINGER factories are forced to switch to armaments production. In 1945, all transportable machines were dismantled by Russian troops. In 1947, regular production is resumed.

1957 – 1984

History of the KLINGER Group - 1957 to 1984
  • Hubert Klinger-Lohr becomes the new managing director of the KLINGER Group.
  • Expansion of manufacturing sites and build-up of a European distribution network with 24/7 service.
  • 1968: Production of large industrial-scale ball valves: KLINGER Ballostar, a star product that is still used today in numerous district heating plants worldwide.
  • 1982: Development of PTFE sealing materials and introduction of KLINGERSIL, the world's first asbestos-free jointing material. In the coming years KLINGERSIL replaces Klingerit on the market.

1984 – 2010

History of the KLINGER Group - 1984 to 2010
  • Thomas Klinger-Lohr is the fourth generation to lead the company.
  • Merger of the automotive segment with the German market leader Elring.
  • Introduction of a revolutionary high-temperature sealing material: KLINGER Quantum.
  • Opening of new subsidiaries in Russia, Thailand and China.

2010 until now

History of the KLINGER Group - 2010 until now
  • 2010-2015: Heinz Scharl (CEO) and Peter Müller (CFO) lead the KLINGER Group.
  • Strategic acquisitions in target segments. Focus on services and organic growth outside of Europe.
  • 2015 – 2017: The KLINGER Group Management Board, consisting of Daniel Schibli (CEO) and Peter Müller (CFO), takes over the management of the KLINGER Group.
  • In 2018, Christoph Klinger-Lohr joins the KLINGER Group Management Board as CEO.
  • By the time the company celebrates its 135th anniversary in 2021, the KLINGER Group consists of 45 entities in more than 60 countries worldwide.
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