KLINGER Die Erste Products

Our industrial valves product portfolio

The product portfolio covers customized ball valves, segment ball valves, cryogenic ball valves, PFA lined ball valves, as well as gate, globe, check valves, tank bottom valves and strainers. Additionally, with a solid network of qualified suppliers, KLINGER Die Erste is capable of supplying beyond its product scope to offer butterfly valves, knife gate valves or OEM oriented products. Standardized or customized, these valves are widely used in all kinds of segments where precision flow is required.

At KLINGER Die Erste we focus on ensuring plant safety. No matter whether the medium to be transported is fluid or gaseous, we see it as our responsibility to ensure that media remain where they are intended. Fully committed to this approach, our products ensure reliable and safe operation – without leakages and subsequent harm or material damage. Our duty is to assist in avoiding such incidents through the provision of our innovative and state of the product range, which is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the industries we are active in.

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