KLINGER Quantum 2nd Generation Compressed Fibre Sheeting


KLINGER Quantum is a newly developed gasket developed for use at higher temperatures than all other compressed fibre materials. KLINGER have been able to develop new manufacturing procedures to enable the production of next generation of sealing material using Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (HNBR) as a binder. HNBR brings KLINGER Quantum exceptional chemical resistance and greatly improved temperature resistance.


KLINGER Quantum maintains its flexibility even when used at high temperatures and extends the application range of this material style further than ever before.


Commonly compressed fibre materials are limited to temperatures below 200°C for continuous service and can become brittle reducing the material’s ability to adapt to changing temperatures and pressures. KLINGER Quantum continues to retain its flexibility even after prolonged used at 350°C.


KLINGER Quantum is fire-safe to API 607 and also has TA-Luft (Clean Air) approval.