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Expansion joints and metal hoses

Expansion joints and Metal hoses

Custom-designed expansion joints and high-quality metal hoses.

KLINGER offers a high-quality portfolio of expansion joints and various types of metal hoses. Understanding the diverse requirements of operators around the world, the offering includes standard designs as well as products specifically tailored to meet customer and industry-specific requirements. Furthermore, the entire range is designed and manufactured in-house, thus ensuring the high quality and reliability of the expansion joints and metal hoses on offer.

Expansion joints

Expansion joints contain either one or multiple flexible elements to compensate for dimensional changes, which may be caused by thermal expansion or contraction of a pipeline, duct or vessel. Bellows type expansion joints, a “specialty” of KLINGER, are characterized by being virtually maintenance-free. KLINGER’s expansion joints represent a highly specialized product offering, which requires the customer to state the diameter, design movements, pressure and temperature, materials of construction, connection type and length in order to receive the expansion joint tailored to his specific needs.


  • Metal Expansion Joints
  • Rubber Expansion Joints
  • Fabric Expansion Joints

Metal hoses

KLINGER’s product range of metal hoses are indispensable in applications where movement or thermal expansion causes tension and fatigue to a pipeline. Utilizing metal hose solutions counters the formation of pipeline cracks or leakages.


  • Flexible braided as well as unbraided metal hoses
  • Boiler hoses
  • Heat exchanger coils
  • Hoses specifically designed for solar applications
  • HT Composite pre-insulated hoses
  • Hoses specifically designed for district heating applications
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