Developed for oil, natural gas, manufacturing, chemical, and even for residential uses
Ball Valves

Ball Valves

Ball valves are modern shut-off valves which are very reliable in operation.

KLINGER KLINGER ball valve, with its diversified sealing options, has been active in the core process of various industrial fields for nearly a century.

From iron & steel to energy & electric power, food & medicine to Marine , petrochemical chemical industry to LNG , KLINGER can offer extremely low Cost on system package solution, by its high reliability, long life cycle.

With the long-term technical development and experience on different sealing materials, KLINGER KLINGER can offer ball valve sealing system from -196°C to 450°C, from toxic gas to crystallized powder. This is the reason why many high-end industrial customers choose KLINGER as their technical research and development partner.

KLINGER KLINGER is the only manufacturer in the world that can supply valves and sealing systems at the same time. Our patent on equipment sealing technology lead the world nearly a century.

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