Fixed Flanged Expansion Joints

Fixed Flanged Expansion Joints

Fixed flanged expansion joints are equipped with welded carbon steel or stainless steel flanges (EN, ASME or as requested). It absorbs mainly axial movements with possibility of some lateral movements.

Even though they can absorb movements in any direction, this type is mainly used for axial movements. If lateral movement is requested, a universal type may be more suitable. These type of expansion joints can be supplied with limit rod, liners, covers, rods, hinges or gimbals.

Available for exhaust gas, liquid medium and steam. Bellows are calculated following latest EJMA standards.

Also, fixed flanged type expansion joints may have a double bellows which are designed for absorbing the higher lateral movements.

Advantages of Fixed Flanged Expansion Joints

  • Quick connection
  • Easy installation
  • Higher pressures than floating expansion joints
  • Easily replaced

Applications of Fixed Flanged Expansion Joints

  • Hot and cold water pipelines
  • District heating pipelines
  • Steam pipelines
  • Ship building and exhaust systems
  • Geothermal water application
  • Process based fluids

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