Seismic Expansion Joints with Gimbals

Seismic Expansion Joints with Gimbals

The seismic gimbals expansion joints are designed to handle movements in all directions.

This type of expansion joints have a pair of gimbal joints on each end to absorb the movements which are occur because of earthquake and ground settlements.

In addition to thermal movements in pipe lines, there are mechanical movements due to earthquakes, ground settlements and landslides. These type of movements can cause significiant damage to the piping systems in dilatation points of buildings, pipe junctions between vessels and boilers

These mechanical movements can be absorbed by using seismic expansion joints.

Advantages of Seismic Expansion Joints with Gimbals

  • Seismic expansion joints with gimbals are to absorb lateral and angular movements of both thermal and seismic origin.
  • With its gimbals, the expansion range can be set in adjusted range
  • Lateral expansion level is directly related to bellow size and the length of the middle pipe
  • Designed for pressure thrust acting as a safety device
  • High movement capacity and resistance to high temperatures and chemicals
  • Rotating flange, fixed flange or welding neck connection type are available

Applications of Seismic Expansion Joints with Gimbals

All pipelines which passing through the dilatation points as:
  • Hot & Cold Water
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Superheated water
  • Steam and condensate pipelines
  • Industrial Applications
  • Marine & Exhaust systems
  • HVAC lines

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