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Triple offset Butterfly Valves


Triple Offset Butterfly Valves are designed for high or Cryo. Temperature and high-pressure applications, and are well-suited for applications requiring bi-directional zero leakage.

These provide space and weight savings while minimizing installation and maintenance costs.

The triple offset butterfly valve has 3 offsets. In addition to the two offsets in the double offset butterfly valve, the third offset is achieved by altering the geometry of the sealing component.

The seat is machined into an offset conical profile resulting in a right-angled cone. The third offset eliminates rubbing and reduces wear between the seat and seal ring during operation.

There is no friction as the seal ring will immediately leave the valve seat when the valve isopened. Contact is only only made at the final point of closure. Once the seat and seal ring are in contact, torque is applied to create a bi-directional bubble tight seal.

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Product Details

  • DN 50 - 1800, 2” - 72”
  • PN 16/40 , ANSI150/300/600/900
  • -196 °C to +425 °C
  • Lug,Wafer,Flange,Welding


  • Tight Shutoff: Shutoff classes from ANSI IV to VI are available to meet customer requirement. Standard seat material is 304+graphite multi-layer construction for high temperature applications. Metal to metal sealing face also available with CLASS IV leakage rating
  • Stem Design: Strong single piece shaft minimizes stem deflection, and allows bi-directional sealing effect with bubble tight leakage rating. Another feature of the stem is the blowout proof design, which improve the safety of operation.
  • Firesafe Design: Metal to metal sealing face with graphite seal and packing, allows inherent firesafe functions.


  • ISO15848
  • API607
  • SIL

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