Check Valves
Check Valves


Check valves are primarily used to fully close the passage of a circulating (gaseous or fluid) medium in one direction and to simultaneously allow free passage in the other direction.

Check valves are found in almost every industrial application acting as one-way or non-return valves.

Chemicals, pulp and paper, food processing, water and wastewater treatment, industrial, marine and mining, pumps, pipelines and power generation are among the many fluid flow and pumping applications that feature check valves. Frequently check valves are placed in series, for instance in water systems to prevent backflow of contaminated water into clean water supply lines.

Though the function of check valves is the same regardless of where they are being used, the types of check valves vary according to the flow rate, media gravity and temperature, line size, pressure, and velocity of the flow.

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Product Details

  • DN 50 - 600, 2” - 24”
  • PN 16-40 , ANSI150-1500
  • -29 °C to +425 °C


  • Suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation
  • Available in flanged end connection; buttweld end also available.
  • Metal-to-metal and soft sealing are available for different purposes.
  • Full range of pressure class and sizes Variety of body and disc materials.

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