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Trap Valves

trap valve

Steam traps are a type of automatic valve that filters out condensate (i.e. condensed steam) and non-condensable gases such as air without letting steam escape.
In industry, steam is used regularly for heating or as a driving force for mechanical power. Steam traps are used in such applications to ensure that steam is not wasted.

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Product Details

  • DN 15 - 80
  • PN 16,ANSI150,JIS10K


  • Exhaust condensate at saturation temperature,to improve thermal efficiency of equipment.
  • Exhaust non-condensing gas automatically in the pipeline and equipment,to ensure start quickly and improve production efficiency.
  • Under allowed pressure range, adjustment automatically, back pressure resistance by 80%.
  • Internal components are all made of stainless steel, strong corrosion resistance.
  • Simple structure and easy maintenance.
  • Horizontal or vertical installation,according to customer requirements.
  • Drain lower than water level, to avoid steam leakage.

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