Developed for oil, natural gas, manufacturing, chemical, and even for residential uses

Y - Strainer

Y-strainer purpose is to remove unwanted particles from steam, gas, or liquid using a straining element typically made of wire mesh.
Using this mechanical process in pipelines helps to protect everything from pumps to steam traps.
Y strainers are sometimes designed with “blow-off valves” to make the cleaning process easier.
Frequently used in chemical, oil/gas, refinery,thermo oil, steam, oxygen, vacuum and hydraulic applications.

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Product Details

  • DN 15 - 300
  • PN 16/25/40,ANSI150/300/600
  • -29 °C to +450 °C


  • Bolted cap with optional threaded end ball valve for quick draining.
  • Bolted cover for easy maintenance, service and cleaning purposes.
  • Screen material with stainless steel and various filter mesh sizes.
  • Various end connection type available, including flange end, welding end.

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