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ACTUATOR – Pneumatic

ACTUATOR – Pneumatic

KRP series is a reliable, economical and long-life rack-and-pinion pneumatic actuator provided by KLINGER, which can be used for quarter-turn rotary valves such as ball valves, butterfly valves, and plug valves.






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Product Details

  • Double acting 032-350;
  • Single acting 052-160;
  • Single acting 180-350;


  • Compact structure, product serialization, mature design and application:with compact structure design, double-acting and single-acting models can use the same body and end cover, the products are serialized, and the output torque range can be adapted to most valve specifications, At the same time, simulation verification was carried out at the beginning of the design, and it has also been well tested in practical applications.
  • Standard installation:All specifications meet Namur VDI/VDE 3845 and ISO 5211 installation standards, no special parts are required to install solenoid valves, limit switches or positioners
  • Optional output shaft specifications:The standard output shaft specifications are double square shafts. In addition to the default specifications, there are also smaller double square shaft specifications without the use of bushings, thereby reducing intermediate links and improving connection accuracy and reliability. Key shaft and flat shaft designs are available to meet specific needs
  • Stroke range and function customization:The standard pneumatic actuator is 90°, and the open or closed position can be easily and accurately adjusted by ±2.5° through the external limit bolt. At the same time, 180° stroke range, three-position type and other specific control function products can be provide
  • High reliability:At the beginning of the design, advanced standards were adopted, and factors such as component material, structural coordination, and processing technology were fully considered. The multi-bearing and guide rail design of the piston and pinion ensured that the teeth of the pinion and piston were fully Meshing, so as to achieve precise operation, low friction and reliable operation; the piston uses wear-resistant material O-ring, and is equipped with double anti-friction rings and thrust blocks, which have both guiding functions and improve its anti-wear performance;
  • Ultra-long trouble-free cycle life:High-precision grinding in the cylinder to prevent abnormal seal failure; The spring is made of electrophoretic coated special steel, with low elastic attenuation and good stability; The internal lubrication uses grease, and there is no need for secondary internal lubrication during the normal service cycle. With anodized housing, nickel-plated hardened gears, powder-coated end caps, stainless steel fasteners, etc., it has a high corrosion resistance.
  • Quality & Traceability:100% of products are factory tested and shipped individually in boxes; all products are marked with a traceable serial umber.


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