Developed for oil, natural gas, manufacturing, chemical, and even for residential uses
3-Way Ball Valves


Multi-port ball valves with interchangeable end connections, are excellent for mixing of line medias, diversion and bypassing of flow.

Three-piece ball valvescomposed of 3 separate pieces。it is preferred wherever regular cleaning or repair is required.

The structure of a three-way ball valve is composed of 1 valve body, 1 platform support and 4 side valve covers combined with fixed ball core.

A three-way ball valve by turning the handle, which rotates a ball in the valve body, to align the cut-out channels in the ball with the inlets and outlets of the valve.

These valves can be used to either divert the flow of fluids, or to mix fluids from two inlets delivered through to a single outlet.

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Product Details

  • DN 15 - 300, 1/2” - 12”
  • PN 16/40 , ANSI150/300
  • -20 °C to +300 °C


  • Size DN65 to DN300 (2½ "~ 12") with trunnion ball design
  • This four-seat trunnion ball design can effectively prevent leakage
  • Available in Flange, Threaded, Butt-Welding and Socket-Welding end connections
  • Capable of interchange between 3-way and 4-way
  • Available in T/L/X-port ball
  • Anti blow-out proof stem


  • ISO15848
  • API607
  • SIL

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